26 September 2011


Today: The Hunger Games (the book itself, not the series as a whole)

Generally speaking, I don't particularly care for "young adult literature" as it is defined in today's market, with the exception of John Green novels and a few other books. I also try to avoid books that have a lot of hype for worry that a Twilight-esque fandom of squealing girls will follow.

However, I did enjoy The Hunger Games immensely. They were entertaining as well as well-written, and the motifs surrounding the inability to trust one's government as well as the justification of inhuman acts on the innocent for the purpose of making a point were eons ahead of the typical "girl meets boy" cliches that I've come to expect from the Young Adult genre.

I did read the other two books, the second was also very good, while the third was entertaining enough, with an ending that I felt was lacking, but nonetheless the first book is excellent on its own. I hope that the movie (which is set to be released this next year) will not spur the aforementioned fandom of squealing girls, though, as the book is both well-written and not centered on poorly thought out ideas concerning romance, I do not see this happening. I very much recommend The Hunger Games, it exceeded my expectations.

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