06 September 2011


Today: Questionable Content, a webcomic.

If you like web comics with plot-based humor, then Questionable Content is the way to go. It has a continuous plot line with a cast of likeable and entertaining characters. The comic also employs a somewhat subtler type of hipster humor than the walking stereotypes that haunt most hipster-based comedy (this may be because the comic is much older than the general public has been aware of hipsters, or because the comic's creator is a self-acknowledged indie hipster himself, but I digress). The comic is well worth the few weeks it will take you to get caught up, and is my favorite web comic though it may not be the funniest (though it does have numerable funny moments, making it similar to The Simpsons for me). The plot is just genuinely enjoyable to read, and the art has improved immensely over time. I give it four flying pancakes out of five based on a system I just right now made up.

--- Aubrey

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