01 September 2011


Today: Hank Green, musician.

Do you enjoy novelty songs? What about science, angler fish, Harry Potter, and similar topics? Then you need to listen to Hank Green. Guitarist, songwriter, and founder of DFTBA Records (a company that helps musicians who are just starting out, especially on youtube) Hank and his music are basically awesome. As well as a purveyor of nerd rock, Hank and his brother John (a young adult fiction novelist) have a youtube channel where they share interesting/entertaining/funny videos (topics have included the Fermi Paradox, the United States debt crisis, and the mating habits of giraffes). The community of people who watch these videos are called Nerdfighters, a group of intellectually minded people who have done a plethora of awesome things (planted thousands of trees in honor of Hank's birthday, calculated whether having a plate of vegetarian spaghetti shipped to and from the moon is more efficient than making a hamburger, and, wait for it, managed to discuss religion civilly ON THE INTERNET).

Hank Songs:
Strange Charm: A Song About Quarks
The Fermi Paradox
It All Makes Sense at the End

Their youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/vlogbrothers

--- Aubrey

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