16 August 2011


Today: I come bringing a recipe for those of us who routinely have to cook for themselves, yet rarely escalate above the level of microwaving a frozen dinner. Don't be afraid... this has been specially prepared for the kitchen illiterate.

Cheestacular Quesadilla

Tortillas: Either 1 big, white kind or 2 of the little white kinds (can be bought at 99 cent store). The yellow kind don''t work so well for these things.
Cheese: pretty much any kind of shredded cheese will do. Ralph's sells an enormous bag of it for pretty cheap.
Butter: Other recipes will tell you this is "optional." WELL THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL. The butter is what allows for the fine browning of the tortilla, allowing your taste buds to go on a delicious flavor adventure with every bite. Butter substitutes, like marjorine, are acceptable, so long as they are spreadable.

Things You Will Need 

A stove (or hotplate, if you're living in a dorm or are otherwise bereft of a stove).
A pan of some kind (these can be purchased at the 99 cent store as well).


1. Start the stove. It doesn't really matter what heat you set it to, so long as it's not a teeny tiny barely-gives-enough-heat-to-warm-a-caterpillar flame or a "SWEET JESUS THERE IS A DRAGON IN THE BURNER!" flame. (Now would be a good time to turn on any fans near the kitchen if you have a sensitive fire alarm).
2. Butter one side of the tortilla (if you're using one) or one side of one tortilla (if you're doing two). Place it butter side down in the pan.
3. Layer that sucker with cheese. I have yet to have used an amount of cheese I would consider "too much," so don't be shy.
4. Wait until the cheese has melted enough to not fall off the tortilla when you have to flip it (Now would be an appropriate time to add salsa, avocado, etc. if you like that sort of thing in your quesadilla).
5. Either fold over the single large tortilla (a spatula would be good for this, though I've used my hands with little repercussions) or add another small buttered tortilla, this time with the butter facing you.
6. Flip that sweet delicious being over (once again, hands will do for the braver of quasi-chefs, though a spatula or at least a knife is ideal).
7. Continue to cook until you're too hungry to care if it's underdone.
8. Bite into it the moment you slide it off the pan, not caring if it burns your tongue, and relish in its sweet, sweet deliciousness.

There you have it.

---- Aubrey

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